Why Not?

I decided I really had to kill mikeysphdstuff–way too pretentious plus I’ve decided that I just don’t have the money and/or the drive to start a doctoral program. Why JusSayin? I almost called it quanta learning because QuantumLearning was taken and since “quanta” is plural, it’s a better fit for me since I believe there are as many kinds of learning as people.

Why quanta or quantum? Both words start with “q” which automatically makes them cool. They are both are derived from the Latin word which means “quantity”. That matches my view that there’s never too much learning. Learning is the only thing that can save us.

There’s also that (wrong) connection to “quantum leap”which made me look for a different name because while learning may occasionally bring a flash of insight, it’s IMHO a process of socially-enabled growth. But I ended up with “JusSayin” because it starts with “j” which is also cool and is (according to Stack Exchange) the “vocalization of a shrug”.  I still like Quanta Learning though because I have always been fascinated by the duality of quantum mechanics.

Aside from the classical duality of electromagnetism (Is it a particle? Is it a wave? It’s both!), here are some other bi-polar examples that seem to make sense (to me):

  • Life – experienced as a movie but remembered in images (artifacts)
  • Time – a flow which can be decomposed into infinitely smaller increments
  • Learning – a connection between a learner and an idea through the immeasurable space of community (networks)

More (examples) as I have (small pieces of) time.

Just cause


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