XML: the lingua franca of Web 2.0

lingua franca: a language for communication between communities (Wikipedia) In the beginning was HTML. And the words were tagged And the words were beautifully simple: <body> <h1>This is your headline</h1> And this is your text.<br> <b>And this is your text in bold.</b> See the words: This is your headline And this is your text And… Continue reading XML: the lingua franca of Web 2.0


Pretty RSS

Burke, Sean. Making RSS Pretty. Retrieved 2/6/2009 from http://interglacial.com/~sburke/stuff/pretty_rss.html. Summary The article describes how to marry an RSS feed (which is an XML document) to a CSS file to style the RSS feed for a browser; browsers typically render an RSS feed as an XML tree but by using the xml-stylesheet tag, the tree has… Continue reading Pretty RSS


SVG Prediction

Cagle, Kurt. Understanding XML: The Future of SVG and the Web (2005). Retrieved 8/19/2005 from http://www.understandingxml.com/archives/2005/08/the_future_of_s.html although this site throws a 404 error on 2/6/2009. A portion is still available at http://brokekid.net/2005/08/18/understanding-xml-the-future-of-svg-and-the-web/. Summary While the major prediction of the article--that SVG will be the graphics standard by 2008--has not been realized, the author's focus on… Continue reading SVG Prediction