OER Conference

At the NROC OER conference, the folks from WikiEducator ( joined us from New Zealand via Skype. While the project not so much a LOR, it is certainly predicated on sharing learning objects. Two key points from the discussion: Remix is the key which is why content must be free(ly licensed) License must include the… Continue reading OER Conference


Teacher Professional Development

"Teacher Learning" in How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition. (2000).  Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. pp. 178-193. The article defines five (actually four) primary ways that practicing teachers learn: from their own practice (reflection) from interaction with other teachers (informal apprenticeship, formal in-service workshops, and professional associations) from… Continue reading Teacher Professional Development


Merlot – not just a wine

MERLOT, the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, is a learning object repository (a collection of instructional modules which fit varying definitions of "learning object"). However, MERLOT is more than simply a collection of resources; it also includes communities, not only for disciplines but also for specific learning environments. The most helpful (and… Continue reading Merlot – not just a wine


ID/Project Management

McDaniel, K. and Liu, M. A Study of project management techniques for developing interactive multimedia programs: A practitioner's perspective. Journal of Research on Computing in Education: 29.1 (1996). 29-48. The mesh of ID and project management brought a refreshing practicality, and I especially appreciated the additions from Gentry on adoption (all of her supporting processes… Continue reading ID/Project Management


ASTD Standards

ASTD Certification Institute Standards Committee. (2002). E-Learning Courseware Certification Standards. Alexandria, VA: ASTD Certification Institute. The design of the certification was interesting: 7 standards are mandatory, and 7 of 12 other standards are selected, depending on the appropriateness for the course being certified. However, the optional standards are divided into two general topical areas--design and… Continue reading ASTD Standards