Collaboration and social presence

So, H. and Brush, T.A. (2008). Student perceptions of collaborative learning, social presence and satisfaction in a blended learning environment: Relationships and critical factors. Computers and Education 51. pp. 318-336. The research article on student satisfaction started out with a bang: develop strategies to minimize psychological distance in order to increase student satisfaction with distance… Continue reading Collaboration and social presence



Wiggins, G.P. and McTighe, J. (2005). Understanding by Design. 2nd ed. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development. Dick, W., Carey, L., and Carey, J.O., (2005). The Systematic Design of Instruction, 6th ed. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. I wasn't sure if we were also supposed to post reactions to the chapters--Jason and Xavier… Continue reading Unsure