half dozen of the other

Here's the second group: Yan, T., Kumar, V. & Ganesan, D. (2010). CrowdSearch: exploiting crowds for accurate real-time image search on mobile phones. In MobiSys '10: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on mobile systems, applications, and services.  New York, NY: ACM. 77-90. The authors describe the development of a system for accurate image search… Continue reading half dozen of the other


A Convincing Vision

Downes, S. (2010). New Technology Supporting Informal Learning. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence 2(1). pp. 27-33. Retrieved March 13, 2010 from Downes considers the intersection of games and social networks and examines the implications for the design of future learning environments. His initial argument—that games and simulations represent episodic events—is based on… Continue reading A Convincing Vision


Digital Age (as in “too old to text”)

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. On the Horizon 9(5). White, D. (July 23, 2008) Not 'Natives' & 'Immigrants' but 'Visitors' & 'Residents.' Message posted to White, D. (October, 2009) Visitors  & Residents. Video posted to at Bullen, M. (March 20, 2010). Six Reasons to be Skeptical. Message posted to… Continue reading Digital Age (as in “too old to text”)


Interaction Design – Play

Moggridge, B. (2007). Designing Interactions. Cambridge: MIT Press. Play is fun and provides intrinsic motivation through pleasure. EA is a video game design company centered around groups of users categorized by: interests (sports, warfare, etc.) age gender platform format (n-player) Ideo is a game design company which emphasizes prototypes and extensive user testing. Purple Moon… Continue reading Interaction Design – Play


Aspects of participation

Jenkins, H., Clinton, K., Purushotma, R., Robison, A. J., and Weigel, M. (2006). Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century: The MacArthur Foundation. Retrieved from the Internet on January 27, 2010 at Jenkins defines 5 aspects of a participatory culture which expanded my earlier vision of self-promotion: Engagement Creating… Continue reading Aspects of participation