half dozen of the other

Here's the second group: Yan, T., Kumar, V. & Ganesan, D. (2010). CrowdSearch: exploiting crowds for accurate real-time image search on mobile phones. In MobiSys '10: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on mobile systems, applications, and services.  New York, NY: ACM. 77-90. The authors describe the development of a system for accurate image search… Continue reading half dozen of the other


Gagné’s Requirements

Gagné, R. (1985) The Conditions of Learning. New York, NY: CBS College Publishing. Gagné's method for defining learning requirements is reminiscent of Wiggins because Gagné recommends working backward from the intended learning goal. However, Gagné's approach of specifying internal and external conditions reflects his behavioral approach: Identify the types of learning outcomes Break down complex… Continue reading Gagné’s Requirements