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Design-Based Research (DBR) Start= with question Survey 3 to tease out nuances Analyze answers and propose hypothesis Test hypothesis with 1000 Journal: Impact number and rejection rate Quantitative:   Lit review at start Qualitative:     Lit review at end Especially appropriate when there's no theory to base experimental design on


Drupal as an LMS

I typically think of Drupal as a CMS (a content management system) instead of as an LMS (learner management system). So when my Design course used Drupal to replace Blackboard, I was leery. By the end of the term, though, I was convinced that Drupal can indeed function as an LMS for hybrid and online… Continue reading Drupal as an LMS

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My So-Called Dilemma

I find myself returning again and again to the conflict I felt when reading Norman's Design book. Is design in the world or in the head? The question now seems central to everything. Do I design/learn/teach from the perspective of a single user? Do I embed my intentions in social participation? Or do I even… Continue reading My So-Called Dilemma


Usability Testing Reflects Design-Think

Usability testing turned out to one of the more integrating projects I've encountered over the last two years. The project itself was straightforward; the thoughts snuck in tangentially to the testing project itself. What I found most interesting was not what I learned about the design of others' social network sites but what I learned… Continue reading Usability Testing Reflects Design-Think


Designing Situations

Brown, J., Collins, A. & Drugid, P. (1989). Situated cognition and the culture of learning. Educational Researcher, 18(1), 32 – 41. This seminal article created the term "situated cognition." Only after a lot of background reading do I appreciate the depth of Brown's contributions. My poor attempt to summarize (and in some cases apply and expand on)… Continue reading Designing Situations