Foreign Language Learning – Web 2.0 Style

Stevenson, M. & Liu, M. (2010) Learning a Language with Web 2.0: Exploring the Use of Social Networking Features of Foreign Language Learning Websites. Calico Journal 27(2). The personal value of this article was not so much on the content (although any website designed to assist with learning is of interest) but on the design… Continue reading Foreign Language Learning – Web 2.0 Style


Collaboration is hard

Collaborative writing turned out to be more challenging than I surmised, primarily because we each approached the project with different styles (not writing styles--collaboration styles). However, this turned out to be the best lesson for me personally--the need to accept and embrace each individual. We talk about pedagogical design needing to recognize the variety of… Continue reading Collaboration is hard


How Computer Games Help Children Learn – Chapter 3

Shaffer, D. (2006). How Computer Games Help Children Learn. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Shaffer opens by discussing the danger of superficially introducing games into the curriculum using Math word problems as an example. On the surface, an abstract equation might seem to be better explained by starting with a concrete example; however, couching the equation… Continue reading How Computer Games Help Children Learn – Chapter 3


Research Directions (Web 2.0)

Greenbow, C., Robelia, B. & Hughes, J. (2009). Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age: Web 2.0 and Classroom Research: What Path Should We Take Now? Educational Researcher. 38(4). 246-259. doi:10.3102/0013189X09336671. Dede, C. (2009). Comments on Greenbow, Robelia, and Hughes: Technologies That Facilitate Generating Knowledge and Possibly Wisdom. Educational Researcher. 38(4). 260-263. doi:10.3102/0013189X09336672. Leu,… Continue reading Research Directions (Web 2.0)


CSCL Revisited

CSCL combines many of the theoretical elements we studied in instructional design--constructivist learning, social negotiation of knowledge, the importance of communication transactions--with the area I work in: Internet-delivered instruction. While the group I work with has long advocated the use of student groups as a means to address enrollment scalability, CSCL lends research-based credence to… Continue reading CSCL Revisited