Non-integer digital games

Non-integer games in a digital environment require a different approach. Digital games and digital learning is based on 1’s and 0’s, on rights and wrongs (even if the instructor claims that, “there is no right or wrong answer”). The only way to have an analog equivalent is through an ever expanding/contracting network—something so large, so dynamic that an entry/decision branching point at any given instant is likely to be sufficiently random as an action on a physical being of a given mass (zero mass is the “ideal” equation and this would not apply there).

So, in an ideal equation, in order to get a truly random event, one of the variables must be infinity. Let’s say for a minute that an infinite state in a digital network is impossible, that at some point, over millions of years (infinite time) an exact combination of states will exist more than once. Then, we can argue that in a real world, a situation as close to infinity as to equal infinity for a physical person could be achieved through the following equation:

a very large number (force) acting on a physical mass of X grams over a time of T seconds.

So, let’s say that if the number of situations a person faces changes every 2 seconds that’s a dynamic enough environment as to approximate randomness. From there, we would compute that a network would need to have a defined amount of dynamicism in order to approximate reality. That dynamicism is a combination of the number of network nodes (and particularly those we can interact with) and the entry/leaving from the network—this would be like an opportunity-for-interaction coefficient. At some certain point, the network achieves spontaneous reality when that coefficient is reached. You login and “join” a space (game, chat room, IM) and you are in a separate reality because you are in a digital place that is sufficiently random as to approximate life.


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