Learning by Design

Here are some characteristics of learning design that incorporate game elements.

#1 Assessment

  • What do you already know?
  • Needs to happen often.
  • Keeps changing.
  • Clarifies current role in a specific team (What level player are you? How can you help us?)
  • Establishes goal (set by community or set by game rules); equivalent to learning objective

#2 Boot Camp

  • Delivered once–but possibly at each level (if that next level adds a new skill or new vocabulary)
  • First establish baseline vocabulary, tools in a training area
  • Assures team that all participants operate at a minimal competency (creates trust)

#3 Mission

  • Aka case, problem, quest, scenario
  • Immersive
  • Highly contextual
  • Opportunity to prove what you can do
  • Score kept for bragging rights (makes it OK to lose but maintains competition)
  • Gets repeated with different problems until skill/objective/goal is reached–then cycle back to start next skill (level)
  • Debriefing after mission: each person critiques their own performance, each team member, and the team’s performance (reflection, analysis, peer feedback)

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